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When 2020 started, we never would have expected what the year would bring. Just as I started a new business everything came to a sudden stop. While the extra time with my family was something I had wished for, for so long it was frustrating to not be able to go out and do something I loved. For many people documenting this time seemed like something that no one would want to look back on. A time when our worlds stopped and we were apart from each other but it gave us that extra time to be home with our families and take that time to slow down a little.


Since late March, I have had the honor of photographing local families and capturing simple moments in front of their homes. I have been extremely lucky to be able to capture these pictures for friends and meet some amazing new families along the way.

To all those families that have invited me to their front lawns to photograph them THANK YOU!!! Without you this project would not have turned into what it did. When I began I never imagined to be able to capture over 35 families. And thank you to all of your donations to small businesses and local food pantries. Your generosity during these tough times is so appreciated.

Now as we look ahead, I have begun to book back yard graduation session and hope to book beach sessions later this summer. I hope to see many of you in the future.

If you would like to see more of my Front Steps Project, you can find more pictures here:

For more information of this project please email me at [email protected]

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Making Memories at Home For the past few weeks our lives have changed. They have not been what we are used to, freely going where ever and when ever we want. Our kids are home and out of school and we aren't really sure when they will be going back. They are missing their friends, their teachers, and just the normal lives they were once used to.

Most of us have been thrown into a role of stay at home mom and teacher that we didn't expect to have. it is a time of not knowing for so many people. And whether you are scared, happy, overwhelmed, or sad, now is a good time to capture all those memories and feeling at home. No matter if you have a DSLR camera or just a cell phone camera, one day when this is all over it will be nice to be able to look back on that time when life slowed down a little and we were able to spend these times home as a family.

Here are some quick tips for taking pictures at home.

Don't worry if they aren't perfect.

Don't worry if you kids aren't perfectly posed and in perfect outfits. This is about real life. The good and the bad. Just set the kids up with their favorite activities and you will be amazed how awesome the candid pictures can look.

Don't over do it.

Don't feel like you have to take a ton of pictures. Just a few snaps of your everyday life will be able to tell an amazing story. Take a few of your kids running around the backyard or just sitting and working on school work. This is your story. Nothing is right or wrong.

Have Fun.

Don't be afraid to be silly. Are you kids baking and it got a little messy. Did they get more paint on themselves than on the paper. You are going to want to have these silly moments to look back on so take those silly pictures. Get creative.


This will not last forever. These moments are hard but we will get through it. Now is the best time to capture your family and have great memories to look back on.


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